Tyber PC is now a voiSip dealer!

  • 2-Line Residential VoIP phone service, starting at $5.99/mo.
  • 2-Line Business VoIP phone service, starting at $9.99/mo.
  • Toll Free and Cloud/Forwarding numbers, starting at $4.99/mo
  • Paperless eFax Numbers, starting at $4.99/mo
  • Joomla/CMS Websites, starting at $99.99/year

visit voiSip.com for more information, or call 1-800-VOISIP-9 (1-800-864-7479).

We've moved!  

As of June 1, 2013, we are no longer offering PC Products or Services at our FM 1960 location.

We are focusing solely on our VoIP and Website services.

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Since 1996, Tyber Company has been providing computer related products and services to our customers.

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